About me

I’m Jackie, welcome to my online shop! At long, long last. Its only taken me 15 years!!

In March 2005, my Dad came back from to trip to Paris and brought me a scarf as an affordable, suitcase space saving gift. Soon I was being stopped everywhere. Sitting in a coffee shop, restaurant, walking through a mall. “May I touch?” and “How do you get those bubbles?” I remember exactly where I was sitting when I made the decision to go on an adventure and figure it out. My bubble obsession was born!

But I was a sales rep not a fashion designer. So it took me a while. In fact it took 5 months of trial and error but I finally figured it out and perfected the design. I was in business!

By now, I had given up my job, exhausted my bond and had convinced myself that sooner or later I would be recognized by the Oprah team. (That never did happen)

I set up shop in September of 2005 at the Rosebank Rooftop Market. I soon moved my business over to the Irene market in Pretoria where I exhibited my products over the next 15 years.

I partnered with the DTI and had the opportunity of nearly a decade of exhibiting and selling my goods at International shows in Milan, Berlin, Marseille, Munich, Bari and Strausbourg.

I have had agents from across the globe who have marketed and sold my product – namely the USA, Israel, UK, Australia and New Zealand to mention a few.

I unexpectedly sold my house last year and decided to move my 3 pooches, Harry the parrot and myself down to the coast where I currently reside and run my business.

6 months of long walks on the beach, fresh sea air and the arrival of corona virus, forced me to re evaluate where I have been, how far I have come and to push forward on this new adventure.

So feel free to roam around my little shop of bubbles! Enjoy! Have fun! I hope they make you smile.